Don’t Be Afraid of the Showdown

One of the biggest mistakes that we see when we look at the poker journey and evolution of newcomers is that they are absolutely afraid of the showdown. You can see the hesitation when you sit next to someone that is deathly afraid to go to the hand of the hand and see whether or not they actually won. Folks, there’s going to be a point where you actually do need to gain some confidence. You’re going to win some and yes, you’re even going to lose some. You don’t want to beat yourself up every time that you lose. Instead, you want to know that you really do have the strength it takes to become better. The only way to become better is to learn from your mistakes.

Skill is an important factor in poker, but the truth is that sometimes things happen due to the lack of the cards. That’s why you shouldn’t really beat yourself up when things don’t go your way. You’ll probably get a little lucky on hands that probably should have been folded, or hands where someone should have overcome you and they didn’t. Luck swings both ways. So the best thing that you can do is just roll with the punches and keep going.

poker showdown

If you are really feeling like you want to get deeper into poker, you really need to make sure that you start getting into the online poker community. It’s tempting to just assume that there’s really no point in getting into poker forums and message boards, but that’s really not the case at all. You just need to realize that the people online are really there to help you become better. Yes, there are going to be people that come off a bit abrasive, but be careful of judging them — after all, text only tells one side of the story. It might just be the way they talk that rubs you the wrong way. Most poker players love helping newbies because they remember all too well the days when they were new and everything seemed foreign and strange.

If you really want to make sure that you focus on the game itself, you’re going to have to lose your fear of the showdown. After all, that’s one of the most exciting parts of the game of poker — why wouldn’t you want to win money, go toe to toe against strong players, and earn respect as you work your way up? Good luck out there!