Five reasons behind slot games’ popularity

There are so many different gaming types to choose from online today, yet slots remains one of the most popular. People choose to play slots over and above games such as poker, blackjack, roulette or craps. So what is it that makes people play slot games now, when there’s such a lot of other choice out there?

There are many reasons that make playing slots so appealing – we’ve put together a list of them here.


Often, a player is looking for a game that will be easy to play and won’t require too much effort on their part. This is what you get with slots. There’s no need to agonise over what to do next, or how your choices will affect the game. It’s simply a question of deciding how much to bet per spin. You can play slots anywhere you have internet access, at any time, and the choice of games that are available in mobile apps is growing all the time. Slots are great because you can play for just a few minutes or a whole evening – depending on what else you’re doing.

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Whatever you’re into, you’ll find a slots game that suits your tastes. It would be difficult to play every slot that’s out there, as there are just so many, and the casinos introduce new games to their sites all the time – to keep the gaming selection fresh for their clients.

Each slot has its own features or bonus rounds, some are fixed lines while others give you the choice of playing between 1 and 100 lines at a time.

The prizes

While some people might just enjoy playing slots for fun in demo mode, let’s face it, most of us are playing with the hope of winning some cash. You can choose the games you play according to the prizes on offer, and it’s no wonder that some of the most popular slots are those with progressive jackpots. The more people that play them, the greater the jackpot becomes, so they become even more popular to play.

The role of chance

You can never predict how you’ll do when playing slots. Wins are random and it’s that random nature of slots that draws so many players in. You could win on your first spin, or your fortieth, or not at all. And it just might happen that you land the win of a lifetime – that’s a great reason to play!

Play with free credit

Everyone likes getting something for nothing and the casino sites recognise this. That’s why so many of them offer such great welcome bonuses for new players to get started. Usually you can double or triple your initial stake simply by joining a new site. Slots can use up your playing fund pretty quickly, so if you can get some free credit to play with, so much the better.

And when you run out of playing funds, you can always just play for fun. It’s not as exciting as playing for real money, but it still gives you plenty of entertainment until you feel that you can afford to put a bit more cash into your gaming account.

Other slots bonuses are available from across Europe. You may need to be a resident of a specific country to qualify. A good resource to start with is the German Piramind casino guide.