Learning About Craps

Craps is probably one of the least well known casino games. It can be just as much fun to play as many of the games, but it is important to make sure that you understand how to play before you bet any money, so you do not waste it.

There are books and websites which have information about the game. It is a good idea to start by getting an understanding of the basic rules and then perhaps having a few goes. You could find a casino where you could play for free or even play at home, just to get a feel for it. Once you get the basic idea, you should start to learn more about the tactics. Although the game is based on the luck of the dice, so you cannot predict what to bet on, there are some odds that you should be aware of.


It is useful to know what you are likely to throw with the dice and therefore what you might like to bet on. You may want to win the biggest prize and so you will need to know what to bet on to be able to do this. You may not worry so much about how much you win, but just want a chance of winning something and so will need to know how to bet in order to do this.

It is not that complicated, but unless you know what to do, you will not be able to make a bet that suits you. Whether you want to win big or just win, will very much depend on your view on risk taking. Some people like taking a lot of risks and would rather risk a lot for big return. Other people would rather win something back, even if it is small because they like getting that sort of reward.

You may know what sort of person you are with regards to how much risk you like to take. If you dislike all risk then you will not play for money at all. If you like risk then you will want to win the biggest prize.