Two a penny : The influx of new bingo sites

As the popularity of online bingo seems to show no signs of slowing, it is little surprise that more and more brands are launching to try and take advantage of the ever expanding market.

At the time of writing there are approximately 360 online sites out there with new bingo sites popping up daily. In 2015 we have already seen about 30 new sites take to the market, mostly offering pretty much the same as the ones which came before them.

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As a business proposition bingo has lots of strong points. After all, player values can be high and start up costs, if joining a network can be low (more on that to come). It is these reasons that generally seduce new investors to try and forge their own slice of the market.

What people entering the market tend not to realise is that due to there already being well over 300 other competitors, despite the expanding market it is extremely difficult to take a slice.

Many of the people launching new bingo sites do so on a shoestring budget with no extra funds for marketing. This is generally where the problem lies. Without a marketing budget it is very difficult indeed to acquire new players and generate revenue. Continue reading

How To Pick The Best Online Slots For You

There are so many different websites around that have slots games and it can be confusing knowing which one will be the best one for you to play. You can try out lots of sites, read reviews and chat to people who play, but it will still be down to you to make the decision.

It is important to start off deciding whether you want to play for real money or not. Many people just enjoy playing slots for fun and do not want to gamble any money. However, there are others that like playing for money. There are less sites that have free games, but you will still find that there is a good selection to choose from. You will be able to try out lots of them without having any concerns though. Unlike playing for real money, when you will have to spend money to try out the site and this is rather more risky as you will need to make sure that you are not wasting money.

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If you enjoy playing online slots games for real money and you live in the US then you will want to check out the guys at The good team at NSG reviews the latest new slots games, updates on payout times, and ranks the latest casino bonuses featured by American casinos so if you click here you can be on your way to playing the best online slots games today from your computer, tablet, or mobile device for 2015.

With sites like that above, you can find out which online slots games might be the best for you to play before you spend any money. You need to consider what you like and dislike about playing online slots so that you can pick between them. You might find that you want a themed game, one with high jackpots, good bonuses, good chat or something else. Have a think about what different sites can offer you and decide which of these factors are important to you. It could even be worth making a list and playing some free sites so that you can make the best choice when you do decide to pay some money.

The most important factor though is fun. It is important to remember that you are playing online slots for fun and therefore you need to think about this when you are deciding which site to play on.

3 Benefits of Playing Mobile Slots for Real Money

If you enjoy the fun and excitement of placing a wager, using a slot machine, or playing your favorite table games, you’re in luck! Now, there’s no need to travel to a casino in order play mobile slots. Instead, you can enjoy playing your favorite virtual slot machines from home, work, or wherever you happen to be.

Let’s look at several benefits of playing mobile slots:

Place Your Bets Conveniently

When you decide to play mobile slots for real money, you gain the advantage of convenience. Whether you’re placing bets from your hotel room, from the comfort of your couch, or on your lunch break at work, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of placing wagers from your mobile phone. When you visit, you can view a wide variety of mobile casino applications, and then choose the one that’s right for you. Select a casino with the games and graphics that appeal to you, then place a wager from anywhere you’d like.

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Enjoy Payouts and Bonuses

When you choose a site from, you’re picking from some of the best sites available on the Internet today. Log in, place a wager, then kick back and relax, comfortable with the knowledge that you’re working with some of the best payouts and bonuses available. The bonus structure promoted on these sites is the best available in the industry, allowing you to select the payout and bonus program that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Profit from Your Hobby without Leaving Home

When you place bets using mobile slots for real money, you can obtain cash payouts for enjoying your favorite hobby. Whether you’re playing online blackjack, playing slot machines, or enjoying a variety of your favorite games, you can rely on the comfort and convenience of mobile gaming. Log in from the comfort of your bedroom, couch, or hotel suite, then enjoy the best games in the industry — along with the best possible payouts and bonuses. There’s no need to travel to a casino. Instead, you can save the money that you’d need for airline tickets, travel, and more by using your mobile phone to enjoy your favorite games.

When you’re ready to play mobile slots for real money, browse through different websites for the best mobile slot reviews and recommendations. We’ll help you find the mobile slot game that’s perfect for you, with the highest possible payouts in the industry.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Showdown

One of the biggest mistakes that we see when we look at the poker journey and evolution of newcomers is that they are absolutely afraid of the showdown. You can see the hesitation when you sit next to someone that is deathly afraid to go to the hand of the hand and see whether or not they actually won. Folks, there’s going to be a point where you actually do need to gain some confidence. You’re going to win some and yes, you’re even going to lose some. You don’t want to beat yourself up every time that you lose. Instead, you want to know that you really do have the strength it takes to become better. The only way to become better is to learn from your mistakes.

Skill is an important factor in poker, but the truth is that sometimes things happen due to the lack of the cards. That’s why you shouldn’t really beat yourself up when things don’t go your way. You’ll probably get a little lucky on hands that probably should have been folded, or hands where someone should have overcome you and they didn’t. Luck swings both ways. So the best thing that you can do is just roll with the punches and keep going.

poker showdown

If you are really feeling like you want to get deeper into poker, you really need to make sure that you start getting into the online poker community. It’s tempting to just assume that there’s really no point in getting into poker forums and message boards, but that’s really not the case at all. You just need to realize that the people online are really there to help you become better. Yes, there are going to be people that come off a bit abrasive, but be careful of judging them — after all, text only tells one side of the story. It might just be the way they talk that rubs you the wrong way. Most poker players love helping newbies because they remember all too well the days when they were new and everything seemed foreign and strange.

If you really want to make sure that you focus on the game itself, you’re going to have to lose your fear of the showdown. After all, that’s one of the most exciting parts of the game of poker — why wouldn’t you want to win money, go toe to toe against strong players, and earn respect as you work your way up? Good luck out there!

Film Slots Don’t Get Better than Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin

Earlier this summer, movie fans were abuzz with anticipation for The Amazing Spiderman 2. Mixed reviews didn’t dent the film’s success – it grossed $700 million at the box office, making it another crowd-pleasing addition to the Spidey franchise.

It seems only appropriate that Spiderman’s presence endures on the Web. If you’re still hungry for a fix, you should have a bash at Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin. Gala Casino’s brilliant adaptation is one of the more pleasing film slots online. Gameplay requires full flexion of your Spider senses to navigate the multiple reels and grab a wad of cash. The jackpots get pretty huge – although with spins available from just 25p, we can’t promise the pot will get quite as big as $700 milion!

spiderman slots

The game itself is one helluva ride, boasting no less than 7 bonus features, the most thrilling of which is the appearance of Spiderman himself, who occasionally shows up to turn random symbols on the reels into Wild symbols.

Another brilliant feature is the Rivalling Free Games features, in which you start with 10 free spins and a 1x multiplier. As and when the Spiderman icon appears, the player is awarded unlimited free spins. Thereafter the multiplier increases by up to 5x each time the icon reappears.

Look out also for the Green Goblin icon, which will revert the bonus back to normal, players using their remaining free spins with a multiplier of one. The Ultimate Fight feature sees Spiderman and the Green Goblin go head to head in an epic urban battle, duking it out on the city rooftops to award players cash prizes. Here, you can win up to 40x your original stake if Spiderman is the victor.

There are a further four amazing bonus rounds available on this, one of the most exciting film slots around. There are countless opportunities to win big cash prizes, and no shortage of reasons to keep playing. It’s also worth checking back regularly with Gala to see if there are any additional promotions attached to Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblins. Frequent offers allow players to boost their winnings further still. Head over and check out film slots like Spiderman, Gladiator and many more!